Jason Hosking


23 Days – From Hatchlings to Fledglings

To coincide with the release of my NZ Geo story, here’s a quick little video I put together showing how rapid the growth and development of the tui chicks was…

and for those of you who have not seen the hawk attack yet, here it is again…


NZ Geographic Cover


In addition to my feature story about tui, NZ Geographic are also using one of my shots on the cover of the July/August issue of the magazine.

Tui photos to become NZ Geographic feature story


It’s now official, NZ Geographic will be running my Tui photographs as a feature story in an upcoming edition of the iconic magazine. After days of solid editing and wading though thousands of images taken over the last two and …

Dance of the Green Tea Phoenix

A quick little video inspired by my early morning cup of tea…

Video of Australasian Harrier attacking Tui chicks

This is the video of the hawk attack which was captured in HD on a Nikon D3s.

The light was not great that day so I decided to stop shooting stills and capture video instead. Usually when a parent arrived …

Tui Story Gains National Media Attention

TV3 filmed a story about my work with the Tui’s Nest which aired on Campbell Live 10 March, 2010. It is available online here…

Campbell Live: A man, a camera and a family of Tui

The Big Take Down

Here’s a fun little time lapse movie showing just how quickly the scaffolding which supported my photographic hide was dismantled. In real time it was pretty quick to pull apart, taking just under two hours.

Chicks Finally Hatch


Big change in the parents behaviour today as they started collecting insects to feed the new chicks.

Placing the Hide in Final Position

So after my last post I have been flat out trying to predator proof the area where the nest is located. I have managed to source wide strips of tin to wrap around the trees to help stop possums, rats …

A Tui’s Nest Right Under my Nose


Since the beginning of spring, I have been on the lookout for a Tui nest …